Library HoTT.categories.Functor.Core

Definition of a functor

Require Import Category.Core.

Set Universe Polymorphism.
Set Implicit Arguments.
Generalizable All Variables.
Set Asymmetric Patterns.

Delimit Scope functor_scope with functor.

Local Open Scope morphism_scope.

Section Functor.
  Variables C D : PreCategory.

Quoting from the lecture notes for MIT's 18.705, Commutative Algebra:
A map of categories is known as a functor. Namely, given categories C and C', a (covariant) functor F : C C' is a rule that assigns to each object A of C an object F A of C' and to each map m : A B of C a map F m : F A F B of C' preserving composition and identity; that is,
(1) F (m' m) = (F m') (F m) for maps m : A B and m' : B C of C, and
(2) F (id A) = id (F A) for any object A of C, where id A is the identity morphism of A.

  Record Functor :=
      object_of :> C D;
      morphism_of : s d, morphism C s d
                                 morphism D (object_of s) (object_of d);
      composition_of : s d d'
                              (m1 : morphism C s d) (m2: morphism C d d'),
                         morphism_of _ _ (m2 o m1)
                         = (morphism_of _ _ m2) o (morphism_of _ _ m1);
      identity_of : x, morphism_of _ _ (identity x)
                              = identity (object_of x)
End Functor.

Bind Scope functor_scope with Functor.

Create HintDb functor discriminated.

Arguments Functor C D.
Arguments object_of {C%category D%category} F%functor c%object : rename, simpl nomatch.
Arguments morphism_of [C%category] [D%category] F%functor [s%object d%object] m%morphism : rename, simpl nomatch.

Arguments composition_of [C D] F _ _ _ _ _ : rename.
Arguments identity_of [C D] F _ : rename.

Module Export FunctorCoreNotations.
Perhaps we should consider making this more global?
  Local Notation "C --> D" := (Functor C D) (at level 99, right associativity) : type_scope.
  Notation "F '_0' x" := (object_of F x) (at level 10, no associativity, only parsing) : object_scope.
  Notation "F '_1' m" := (morphism_of F m) (at level 10, no associativity) : morphism_scope.
End FunctorCoreNotations.

Hint Resolve @composition_of @identity_of : category functor.
Hint Rewrite @identity_of : category.
Hint Rewrite @identity_of : functor.