Coq Installation

  1. Make sure you have all the prerequisites for compiling Coq. These are OCaml, camlp5, git, and make. If you want to build the HoTT version of the graphical user interface coqide you also need the lablgtk2 and lablgtksourceview2 libraries. To get these, check your package manager. On Debian or any distribution with apt-get you can run the script ./etc/ which installs the dependencies automatically.

  2. Get the HoTT library (skip this step if you already have it):

 git clone
 cd HoTT
  1. From the HoTT directory run the following commands:
 ./configure COQBIN="`pwd`/coq-HoTT/bin"

It may take a while to compile the custom Coq.

  1. You can now use the HoTT library in place by running ./hoqtop and ./hoqc. You can also use ./hoqide which is the version of coqide running the hoqtop toplevel if you have compiled it successfully. If you want the commands hoqtop, hoqc, hoqide available system-wide, run:
 make install